Our work in the mining sector started with our family grandfather Muharrem Yavuz in 1930 with 7000Kcal coal mining and has been continued by our father Halil Yavuz from the second generation since 1960. The first export of the mine took place in 1970 with the production of ”Barite”.

Currently, Zirve Mining is managed by Halil Yavuz, the company’s president. In addition to mine field surveys, various mines have been both discovered and personally operated. Some of these are Gold, Diatomite, Silver, Antimoane, Barite, Nickel, Chromium, Manganese, Zinc, Lead, Bauxite.. We have mine sites in many parts of Turkey that contain different types of minerals.

Zirve®actively evaluates opportunities for mineral exploration and development at home and abroad. Zirve has been a pioneer in the evaluation of hundreds of mining sites in Turkey for decades. It is honored to continue mining research activities for its “business partners” with its experience.

Zirve Mining®plays critical roles both in the discovery of unknown areas and in the reserve development of the areas where mining is being done

The technical team’s exploration activities are focused on five metals. These are Gold, Antimony, Copper, Lead and Zinc. In addition, other metals and industrial raw material projects that have become strategically important are being actively pursued.

Our mission

We are reliable, transparent and open…

Since 1930, we act with a management approach that prioritizes transparency and accountability in all our activities. As Zirve Mining, we work non-stop to add strength to the strength of our country.

Our Vision

We work with the goal of creating value for the country and society…

We aim that all the works we do and all the projects we implement create a common value for our country and society.